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66 Years of Upholstery Excellence

M & M Upholstery in Dallas Texas:
A Family-Owned Business

M & M Upholstery is a well-established upholstery business that has been operating in Dallas, Texas, for 66 years. The business was started in 1957 by Ray Martin Sr., who passed down his upholstery skills to his son, Ray Martin Jr. The business has since been passed down from generation to generation and is now owned by Ray Martin Jr.’s daughter-in-law, Sarah Martin. M & M Upholstery has remained a family-owned business and has earned a reputation for providing excellent craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.


M & M Upholstery provides affordable residential and commercial furniture upholstery repair and re-cover services to the Dallas community. They specialize in a wide range of upholstery services, including reupholstering, cushion replacement, and repairing frames. They work with a variety of materials, such as leather, fabric, and vinyl, and offer a vast selection of colors and patterns to choose from.

Customer Satisfaction

M & M Upholstery prides itself on providing exceptional customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction. They understand that furniture is an investment, and it is important to maintain and repair it to ensure its longevity. M & M Upholstery values its customers and strives to meet their needs and expectations. They work closely with their customers to understand their vision and offer customized solutions to meet their unique needs.

Excellent Craftsmanship

M & M Upholstery is known for its excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. They employ skilled and experienced upholstery professionals who are passionate about their work. They use the latest tools and techniques to ensure that their work is of the highest quality. Their commitment to quality is evident in their finished products, which are not only beautiful but also durable.

M & M Upholstery is a family-owned business that has been providing custom upholstery services in Dallas, Texas, for over 60 years. They offer a wide range of affordable residential and commercial furniture upholstery repair and re-cover services. They prioritize customer satisfaction and provide exceptional craftsmanship in all their work. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail has earned them a reputation as one of the best upholstery businesses in Dallas, and they continue to provide excellent service to their customers. If you’re looking for upholstery services, M & M Upholstery is an excellent choice.

M & M Upholstery was established as a dream, a family owned and operated company by Ray Martin Sr. in 1957. Ray Sr. took a few tools, a small shop, and built it into a modern operating facility. Mr. Martin built his reputation and that of M & M Upholstery by dedication to customer satisfaction, hands-on expertise in all areas of production, and excellence in craftsmanship. His son, Ray Jr., learned the art of upholstery by his father’s side. Years have passed and so has Ray Sr. M & M Upholstery remains a family owned and operated company with Ray Jr. at the helm and his son Ray III by his side. M & M Upholstery still strives for craftsmanship.

Our selection of dedicated and professional employees who offer timely completion, combined with low overhead operating procedures allows us to offer quality at an affordable price. We use the highest quality of upholstery fabrics. We also have a large network of vendors which allows us to offer a large variety of upholstery fabrics. So, whether you’re looking to stay within a budget or you’re looking to find that special fabric we can help you find the perfect materials for your project and get you those pieces you picture for your project.

Here at M & M Upholstery we truly value our clients. There is a certain satisfaction in knowing that we helped our clients create or recreate that perfect piece.

The Art of Upholstery in Texas: Combining Technical Skill and Economic Value

Upholstery is the process of adding cushioning, fabric, and sometimes even springs to furniture, such as chairs and sofas, to improve their comfort and aesthetics. In Texas, upholstery has been a traditional craft for generations, and the state boasts some of the finest upholstery specialists in the country. Not only is upholstery an art form, but it also contributes to the economy of the state. Texas upholstery businesses offer unique and customizable services that attract customers from all over the country. In this article, we will explore the technical and economic aspects of upholstery in Texas, and how it has evolved over the years.

Technical Aspects: Upholstery requires a great deal of technical skill and precision, and Texas upholstery specialists are known for their expertise. They are trained to work with a variety of materials, including leather, vinyl, fabric, and foam. In addition, they must have knowledge of different sewing techniques and be able to cut and pattern material to fit furniture pieces precisely. Texas upholstery professionals also use advanced tools and machinery to ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality.

Financial Aspects: Upholstery has become an important contributor to the economy of Texas. As a result, many entrepreneurs have opened upholstery businesses that offer specialized services to customers. The customization options available for upholstery in Texas make it a lucrative business. The skilled labor required for upholstery work also ensures that the service is not outsourced, and it generates employment opportunities within the state. Furthermore, upholstery businesses often partner with furniture stores and interior designers to offer a complete package to their customers.

Chair Upholstery: Chair upholstery is one of the most common types of upholstery services offered in Texas. It is a popular choice for homeowners who want to revamp their old chairs and give them a fresh, new look. Texas upholstery businesses offer a range of options for chair upholstery, including different fabrics, patterns, and colors. They also offer services for repairing and replacing old cushioning, springs, and frames.

Commercial Upholstery: Enhancing Furniture for Businesses

Upholstery is not limited to just residential spaces but is also prevalent in commercial settings such as offices, restaurants, and hotels. Texas upholstery businesses offer commercial upholstery services to enhance the look and comfort of furniture in such spaces. Commercial upholstery may differ from residential upholstery due to the level of usage and the need for durability.

Furniture in commercial spaces is subjected to constant use, and wear and tear are bound to happen. Commercial upholstery can help to keep the furniture looking new for longer, saving businesses the cost of replacement. The process may involve replacing the old and worn out cushions, fabric or springs, and repairing the frames to ensure that the furniture is sturdy and long-lasting. Texas upholstery specialists also work with business owners to create customized designs that align with their branding and overall aesthetics.

Commercial upholstery may also be beneficial for businesses that want to create a familial atmosphere in their space. For example, restaurants and cafes may want to create a cozy and comfortable environment for their customers, encouraging them to stay longer and return for more visits. Upholstered furniture can provide a comfortable seating option that is inviting and conducive to relaxation.

In addition, commercial upholstery can also provide businesses with the opportunity to showcase their brand and personality through the design and color choices. Custom upholstery options can help to create a unique and distinct look for businesses, setting them apart from their competitors.

Commercial upholstery is an essential service that can help businesses to enhance their furniture and create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for their customers. Texas upholstery businesses offer customized designs and replacement options that can be tailored to the specific needs of businesses. Whether it is to increase durability or create a welcoming environment, commercial upholstery is a cost-effective option that can help businesses to save money in the long run.cellent service to their customers. If you’re looking for upholstery services, M & M Upholstery is an excellent choice.