M&M Upholstery Services

Custom Residential and Commercial Furniture​

  • Custom Double-sided Upholstered Banquette.
  • Custom Upholstered Banquette Cushions & Back.
  • Custom Banquette Wall Mounted.
  • ​Custom Banquette Seat Cushions.
  • ​Custom Banquette and Upholstered Wall Panels.
  • Banquette seating.
  • Upholstered channel back banquette.
  • Wall mounted booth seating.
  • Restaurant booth seating.
  • University banquette seating.
  • Custom upholstered built-in banquette.

Decorate your home with our hand-tied custom furniture. You choose the size, shape, and color finish, and we copy or create any design you desire. At M & M Upholstery in Dallas Texas, we provide reasonable pricing on high-end retail products, pattern matching and custom designs. Our fine attention to detail is shown in our ability to match patterns. Contact us today to place an order for your custom-built furniture.

Commercial Furniture

At M & M Upholstery in Dallas, Texas, we provide both our restoration and repairs services to a broad range of businesses in both the private and public sectors including but not exclusive to hospitals, hotels, bars, offices, hairdressers and retailers. We undertake both small and large contractual work including the repairs and maintenance of existing upholstered furniture from individual pieces to full suites.


We will make an old beat up sofa or chair or any upholstered furniture look better than it looked the day you bought it.

Service Work

We do all types of service repair work for manufacturers. we also do on site service work.


We can repair and refinish everything from antique to modern furniture bringing your furniture back to life.

​Medical Furniture

We are a preferred vendor of Texas Health, we specialize in lobby furniture, exam beds & tables, stools and more.

We also offer overnight exam bed upholstery and have them back to you the next morning depending on how many beds you have.