The Dallas Morning News – October 14th, 1992

The Dallas Morning News – October 14th, 1992

M&M Upholstery gives furniture a new look—


From upholstering customized furniture to reupholstery, M& M Upholstery offers its customers personalized service in a family- oriented atmosphere.

“Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers,” says owner Ray Martin Sr. “We provide each client with individualized service that is personally overseen by me or my son, Ray Martin, Jr. Whether we are reupholstering an old piece of furniture _or upholstering an entire hotel, we treat each individual with the utmost respect.” Working for homeowners, design professionals, corporate offices and hotels, M & M Upholstery has built a reputation of high-quality service.

“We have worked with leasing managers of large offices throughout Dallas, major hotel chains, and prestigious interior design firms that have all given us referrals as well as repeat business,” says Ray Martin.
Fine craftsmanship undertaken in a timely manner has made M & M Upholstery such a successful operation, Mr. Martin says.

“We were given a major reupholstery job of swivel chair s, side chairs, and love seats and the client actually took the time to write us a letter thanking us for the high quality and timely manner of this job.,” he adds.

“We also received a letter from one designer stating that we performed ‘ upholstery magi c’ and that she co u Id not believe how quickly we can fill order s, ” he continues. “I take pride in the work that comes out of M & M Upholstery and such letters make me realize that my company is truly making a difference in the interior design of a home, hotel or business.”

M & M Upholstery has the flexibility to build and upholster a piece of furniture to any specifications. stated by the client. “We can custom upholster a piece of furniture using the customer’s fabric and design ideas,” he says. “Our sales team is not on commission, so they work with each client on the basis of helping them get the best results.”